Transforming Plant Nurture

Transforming Plant Nurture

Nurturing plays important factor in ones development. This is especially true for plant growth and development. Just providing nutrition is not enough, but providing it precisely, adequately and at the right time is essential. We intend to take plant nurturing to next level by offering products that imbibe latest technologies and are eco-friendly.

We Provide Nature-Based Solution

Plant Nutrition Solutions

We believe natural and organic based-plant nutrition is the way for healthy and sustainable future. With this view, we have developed high quality products that are natural and eco-friendly. Our products give excellent quality yield and returns.

Pest & Disease Control Solutions

Management of pest and disease is vital and crucial along with proper nutrition for a healthy and profitable yield. We offer high quality organic and bio-based products that provide excellent protection to the plants.

Our Products

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Super Growth Enhancer

Bio-Enriched Organic Manure


Neem manure

Aqua-Nano Spreader


Pure Neem Oil

Aqua Nano-Spreader


Neem Armor

Phyto-Growth Booster


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