Natural Plant-Nurture Solutions For All

Natural Plant-Nurture Solutions For All

Future of agriculture and food security depends on adaptation of technologies that are natural, eco-friendly, economical, less resource intensive and have least impact on environment. A balance has to be obtained between quality, healthy, nutritive agricultural produce and cost involved in obtaining it.

We at Agrinia, aspire and stride to become an organisation that revolutionize agricultural sector in India and the world. We intend to helps and facilitates the growers/farmers to cultivate nutritious, high quality, natural and organic produce cost effectively, utilizing the latest scientific and smart technologies.

We intend to provide real-time solutions via natural input products and smart technologies that are not only result-oriented but also cost-effective and profitable. We utilise products and technologies that are natural and eco-friendly to the environment.


To make agriculture more profitable, lucrative and stress-free for existing farmers and help younger generation view agriculture as viable and professional career alternative.


Be a leader in providing the quality natural input products and modern smart technologies in agriculture to farmers especially small and medium-sized farmers at affordable prices, thereby making agriculture sustainable and profitable activity.

Core Values

Top most emphasises on accountability and integrity as a corporation. The same commitments are also reflected in the excellent, unique and reliable products and services we provide to the customers.

Startup Revolutionizing Agriculture

Startup Revolutionizing Agriculture

Most of our farmers still follow traditional farming methods utilising outdated processes, products and equipments, which often lead to disappointment and eventually lead to giving up agriculture.

The potential for green, organic, natural farming is huge. We need modern, scientific and smart farming technologies to use existing resources without causing environmental impact. With a range of quality products and services, we can help farmers expand their organic produce by establishing reliable processes and removing obstacles.

We have been recognised as Startup by Department for Promotion of Industry and Internal Trade, Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Government of India.

We intend to energize natural and organic farming by introducing our farmers to better agricultural practices, including natural high quality input products, state of art IOT (Internet of Things) devices likes bio-sensors, drones and predictative agricultural analytics tools.

Our main focus are our farmers especially the small and medium farmers. Our products and services can be easily adapted to customer needs and used in various agricultural scenarios, such as poly-house and green-house cultivations, vertical farming, hydroponics, etc.

Our Team

Our Team

We at Agrinia have a team of young, talented and passionate individuals with diverse backgrounds and unique experiences in different fields. The sole purpose of all team members working together is to become a catalyst for positive change in the agricultural, horticulture and allied sectors to help our country and world progress and proper.